Blaine, Becky & Family(non-registered)
A few photo shoots a year just isn't enough with this incredible lady! She is such a joy to work with and the kids just adore her! Our latest photo shoot was definitely made a little more special by having her sidekick (her daughter) there to help! Both such beautiful souls :)!
Becky Harling(non-registered)
Amazing lady, such an amazing artist! Second shoot done with her this weekend, definitely more planned for our families future!! Thank you Erin!
Sequoia Manley
What great senior photos for Shane! Thank you! This auntie has placed her order :)
Love your web site my awesome cousin!!! You are sooo talented and I wish you much happy picture taking in the future!!! I just wished we lived closer so you could photograph the kids all the time for me!!! Love you and Misss you!!!
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